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Evaluation of Load Spectra

Uppmätta töjningar och Range Pair Count

To plan and carry out a strain measurement requires that all involved parties (not just the measurement engineer) are familiar with the challenges. There are numerous pitfalls that are easy to stumble into. The course provides practical advice and suggestions for planning and conducting strain measurements, as well as evaluating measurement data.

​ Prerequisites: Proficiency in strength-related subjects, familiarity with a design code  for fatigue analysis of welded products, such as EC 3, IIW recommendations, DNV-RP, or similar.

Program: (1 day)

- Evaluation methods for strain measurements.
- Cumulative damage analyses in FEM models.
- Specific issues/considerations when strain measurements are used to validate FEM models.
- Measurement planning (Purpose of the measurement, sensor type, positioning, ...)
- How strain measurements can be very helpful for Verification of load cases in FE analyses.

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