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Terms and conditions for Web Shop:

Scope of Application:
TechStrat of Sweden AB (from here on referred to as “TechStrat”) sells books and computer software via the internet to its costumers (“Customers”) in Sweden and abroad. Customers might either be private individuals (“Private Customers”) or companies (“Business Customers”).
By completing the placement of an order, Customers accept the Terms and Conditions and, where appropriate, the processing of personal data in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. After a customer has placed an order, TechStrat is not entitled to amend its terms and conditions with respect to such an order.


Available Payment Methods:
Payment can be made by VISA-, MasterCard-/EuroCard and American Express cards or via Pay-Pal. Customers are obliged to ensure that funds are available on the card until TechStrat has debited the purchase amount in respect of the order. In the event coverage is lacking or where payment is not successful for any other reason, TechStrat shall be entitled to annul the order or to invoice the amount.


Available Shipping Methods:
Delivery normally takes place by parcel or letter by Schenker, DHL or PostNord.
The products are normally shipped from TechStrat within 2 Days.


Reservation of Title:
All goods remain in the possession of TechStrat until the customer has received it.
Where a customer fails to collect a shipped item, or a shipped item is returned due to wrongly registered information, TechStrat charges a fee (currently SEK 100), as compensation for shipping and costs. In the case of returns from abroad, TechStrat charges the Customer all shipping costs relating to the shipped item as well as a fee (currently SEK 100), as compensation for handling and costs.
Customers are responsible for the goods in conjunction with returns to TechStrat.

TechStrat disclaims any liability for errors in article information, computer software or possible damage which might be a result thereof.
Binding purchase agreements are formed only when TechStrat has confirmed the order by e-mail. TechStrat disclaims liability for any ordered product being out of stock. In the event an ordered product is out of stock, the order for the out of stock product is annulled or an alternative product is suggested to the customer.


Applicable product prices, including VAT, constitute the price which, at the time of the order, is stated on TechStrat reserves the right to change product prices without prior notice.


If the customer for any reason is not satisfied with the product, the product is faulty in any way, or the customer changed his mind about the purchase, the product might be returned within 15 days after receiving it. In such cases, please send an e-mail to the address below, explaining the reason for returning the product. Return the product in essentially the same condition as when it was received to
TechStrat of Sweden AB
Roda Holmevagen 40
439 93 ONSALA
All costs for returning the product must be paid for by the customer.


Defective/Faulty Goods:
Where TechStrat has delivered the wrong product or a damaged product, or where the shipped item has disappeared during transportation, the Customer shall give notice of complaint to
Complaints must be lodged within a reasonable time after the Customer discovered or should have discovered the error or defect. A Private Customer's right of complaint regarding a product shall lapse three (3) years at the latest after the purchase. Complaints must contain at least the following information: order number, invoice number. titles of the products in respect of which the Customer wishes to complain.
Returns may take place only when a complaint has been lodged and return instructions have been received from TechStrat. The Customer is entitled to return incorrect/defective products at TechStrat expense, provided that the Customer complies with TechStrat´s instructions.
In the case of an accepted complaint, the Customer is entitled:
1. to receive a new error/defect-free product free of charge; or
2. to retain the product and receive an agreed price reduction; or
3. to rescind the purchase, whereupon the product is returned and payment made is refunded.


All purchases from TechStrat of Sweden AB are governed by Swedish law. Any disputes with Business Customers shall be adjudicated by Swedish courts of general jurisdiction. Any disputes with Private Customers shall be referred by TechStrat to the National Board for Consumer Complaints, with whose recommendations TechStrat of Sweden AB will comply.

These Agreement Terms and Conditions were last amended on October 18:th, 2023.

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